Travis Harrison

Founder and President of Serious Business, producer, engineer, drummer, man. Recent engineering projects include Apache Beat, The Rosewood Thieves, Benji Cossa. Travis plays drums for the Unsacred Hearts, Taxi Taxi and occasionally the Two Man Gentlemen Band amongst others.

Halsey Quemere

Serious Business's head engineer. He's worked with many giants of music at various NYC commercial studios since 2000. Recent engineering projects include Higgins, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, Wu Li.

Shannon Ferguson

Producer, engineer, guitarist, longtime member of NYC stalwarts Longwave. Recent projects include Falcon, The Library, and the forthcoming 4th Longwave record.

Dan Chen

Producer, songwriter/arranger, engineer. Former keyboardist for Mike Doughty (ATO) and Nicole Atkins (Columbia). One half of production duo Stuhr. Recent projects at Serious Business Studio include Nicole Atkins (new record), Shana Halligan, Ivana XL, and Kelli Scarr.

Josh Kaufman

Producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist. Recent projects include Balthrop Alabama, Dawn Landes, Caithlin deMarrais, Secret Dakota Ring and his own band Rocketship Park.

Michael Grabinski

Technical services coordinator and equipment consultant to Serious Business.

Hansdale Hsu